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16 photo(s) Updated on: 15 Jan 2017
  • Janus at 31, still taking me on the best magic carpet rides ever. 28 years of riding at lord creek!
  • Flika and Anna just getting started in pony club.
  • Kelly on Kyra in august
  • Sabrina and Grace win a ribbon
  • Squirrel nest headed sisters survive the 2015 hunter pace on Grace and Clare
  • Binky and Jack enjoying a beautiful day on LCF.
  • Lacey a beautiful gray against a snowy background looking down on the point.
  • 2015 Lyme Hunter Pace. You never know what or who you will see.....
  • Terrific fall ride in 2014. That jump is as big as the Mighty Spirit (Spirit is the horse). =)
  • 2015 Horse Trials. Grace was so proud of herself, she gave a big swish of the tail post jump.
  • 2015 Horse Trials determination.
  • Very serious start to an amazing dressage ride - 2015 Horse Trials. Spirit and Annie
  • 2014 Down the hill from Loehmans field. Looking out on the water thru the trees
  • My favorite tree ever. Discretely tucked away in a secluded place at Lord Creek
  • Spooky ride in the fall of 2015....very foggy
  • 2014 Lyme Hunter Pace. Mother and Daughter team (the horses not the people).

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