Q. Are the trails always open?

No. Trails are closed when weather conditions would make riding or hiking unsafe or damaging to the trails. Trails are also closed when extreme weather has resulted in known hazardous conditions which have not been fixed. Members are required to obey trail status rules. Trail status should be checked by logging into the LTA website and checking the Trail Status page.

Q. Are the trails open when there is no hunter pace?

If you are a member of the LTA the trails are open as long as conditions warrant them being open. The only time there are marked courses is during events. Properties may be closed to riders in preparation for events

Q. Are you allowed to jump the jumps?

You are allowed to ride the trails and jump the jumps if and only if you are a member of the LTA, you are accompanied (not alone) and have the competency to jump safely, or if you are riding under the supervision of an insured instructor during lessons and clinics.

Q. Is there a designated parking lot?

Parking is in designated areas only.

Q. Can you ride when the events are taking place?  

While LTA members are welcome to participate or come watch most events, Riders should not ride the property when events are taking place.

Q. How does one find your way around?

Published maps will be available in the near future. New members, not familiar with the trails, are encouraged to use the property with members who are familiar with the trails. If you are a member and would like someone to show you the trails contact the LTA at Info@lymetrailassociation.org. Depending on the level of interest the LTA may organize a trail ride as an introduction to the trails to new members.

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