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Important Notice to Members

The State of Connecticut is requiring that repairs be made to the two dams at The Pond.  Dam construction will begin on Monday, 5/17. 

The LTA parking lot will be closed from Monday through Friday for the next couple of months while heavy trucks access The Pond on the trail that cuts through the center of the parking lot. The LTA parking lot will be open to members on weekends.

While alternative parking during the week is not available to horse trailers, members can park on Elys Ferry Road and access the trails from Mac Lane or park in the field by the cemetery on Tinker Lane enjoying the trails of Lower Lord Creek or crossing the footbridge over to the larger network of trails. 

All members are asked to avoid the area around The Pond until further notice.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

While riding the trails, please feel free to remove debris from the trails (such as twigs or small branches).  If you see unsafe conditions or large downed trees please report the issue to the LTA and the approximate location of the issue.  Email us at info@lymetrailassociation.org 

Mailing Address: Lyme Trail Association, 133 Mitchell Hill Road, Lyme, Connecticut 06371
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