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Keep the Trails in Lyme and Lord Creek Farm Open for Equestrian Use!

Lyme Trail Association

The Lyme Trail Association (LTA) is dedicated to the maintenance, stewardship and enjoyment of trails in Lyme and the surrounding area. We support a community of horseback riders and non-riders who appreciate the rural character of Southeastern Connecticut and understand the importance of preserving the area’s rustic nature.

This is a membership only organization, with trails open to all who pay an annual membership fee. Trail use is limited to equestrians, nature walkers, hikers and cross-country skiers. No bicycles or motorized vehicles are permitted. All members are required to wear or carry member identification.

Thanks for visiting, we encourage you to join the LTA, and welcome your support of our efforts through donations and volunteering your time.

Two Convenient Ways to Join

Apply for Membership Online

Download (print and fill out) Membership Form


Whether you apply online or mail in your membership form, a liability release must be signed and submitted. The release form can be found here.

A group from Lyme Land Conservation
Trust enjoys taking in the beautiful vistas
at Lord Creek Farm.

Tanheath Hunt at Lord Creek Farm

Open to the ALL!
Saturday, October 24th from 10:00am to 1:00pm. 

Fee:  Adult Capping Fee is $40

Pony Club and Juniors are $20 

Attire:  Black or Blue hunt coat, white shirt, tan breeches, boots and helmet.

RSVP:  Please contact Master Cathy at rottrsq@comcast.net if you would like to attend

TANHEATH HUNT welcomes you to ride with us and watch our hounds. All levels of riders are encouraged as we have fields for those who want to walk, trot, canter and a walk/trot only field! All jumps are optional and have go-arounds. During the hunt, our hounds will follow a scent by a "human fox". We have checks along the hunt where we stop and wait while the hounds pick up the next line. After the hunt, we have a "Tea" of light food and drink so everyone can socialize and trade stories about the adventures in their fields. If you enjoy hunter paces you will enjoy hunting with the Tanheath Hunt!

Please go to our website at tanheathhunt.com and read about hunting under the "hunting" tab. The hunt will only be cancelled if it is pouring rain; we will go in a light drizzle.

Questions?? Contact Master Cathy at rottrsq@comcast.net or 860-867-7063.

Members Please Login with your email and LTA password to Track Trail Use and Volunteer Hours

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