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Important Notice to Members

The State of Connecticut is requiring that repairs be made to the two dams at The Pond. 

Dam construction will begin on Monday, 5/17.  The LTA parking lot will be closed from Monday through Friday for the next couple of months while heavy trucks access The Pond on the trail that cuts through the center of the parking lot.

The LTA parking lot will be open to members on weekends.

While alternative parking during the week is not available to horse trailers, members can park on Elys Ferry Road and access the trails from Mac Lane or park in the field by the cemetery on Tinker Lane enjoying the trails of Lower Lord Creek or crossing the footbridge over to the larger network of trails. 

All members are asked to avoid the area around The Pond until further notice.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

Keep the Trails at Lord Creek Farm Open for Equestrian Use!

The Lyme Trail Association (LTA) is dedicated to the maintenance, stewardship and enjoyment of trails in Lyme and the surrounding area. We support a community of horseback riders and non-riders who appreciate the rural character of Southeastern Connecticut and understand the importance of preserving the area’s rustic nature.

This is a membership only organization, with trails open to all who pay an annual membership fee. Trail use is limited to equestrians, nature walkers, hikers and cross-country skiers. No bicycles or motorized vehicles are permitted. All members are required to wear or carry member identification.

Thanks for visiting, we encourage you to join the LTA, and welcome your support of our efforts through donations and volunteering your time.

Two Convenient Ways to Join

Apply for Membership Online

Download (print and fill out) Membership Form


Whether you apply online or mail in your membership form, a liability release must be signed and submitted. The release form can be found here.

Member Guidelines

The Lyme Trail Association (LTA) needs to put guidelines in place to manage the increasing number of Members and their Guests on property. 

Maximum Number of Guests per Member:  The maximum number of guests per member is 4 as per Social Distancing Guidelines limiting groups to 5 people.  Also, individuals are allowed on property as a Guest one time only.  If they are interested in coming back onto the property they must either join the LTA (visit our membership page) or pay the $25 Day Member Fee.  All Guests must sign Liability Waivers. Download here.

Parking:  During this crisis just like parks, beaches and other open public areas, there are days when capacity at Lord Creek Farm is reached. The primary indication of reaching capacity will be a full parking lot. Households quarantined together should limit themselves to one vehicle. All automobiles are asked to park parallel along the outside of the parking lot to leaving room for horse trailers. All Members must place their Parking Passes on their Dashboard.  Guest parking passes are available at the Kiosk in the LTA Parking Lot. We apologize in advance should the parking lot be full when you arrive. 

One more request: Please do not climb, sit or stand on stone walls. Children are included in this request.

Reminder:  Please display LTA identification when on property.  If you are a member and you need LTA identification or a Parking Pass please email us at info@lymentrailassociation.org.  If this is a replacement a $5 service fee will be charged.

HELP TO MAINTAIN THE TRAILS! If you see a downed limb or misplaced rock - throw it off to the side of the trail.  Ensure to toss it at least 3 feet away from the main path - that way it will not interfere with other clean up activities.  If you happen to see a large downed tree or hazardous situation report it to us at info@lymetrailassociation.org.  Please note: chainsawing is not part of standard trail maintenance, there are authorized chainsaw operators. If you see a tree in need of chainsawing, email the details to us.


Check out some fun photos of last years events: Driving, Foxhunting, Hunter Pace. Photos courtesy of Judy Bosco Photography. 

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 A group from Lyme Land Conservation Trust enjoys taking in the beautiful vistas at Lord Creek Farm.

On December 26th, 2016, Janie Davison passed away peacefully in her sleep in her room with a view of the river and picnic point out the window, surrounded by family and friends passing through the day of.  She had a wonderful, fulfilling and long life enriched by the love for and from all of you and many others.

Check out some of the lovely scenes you can see on foot or on hoof.

Mailing Address: Lyme Trail Association, 133 Mitchell Hill Road, Lyme, Connecticut 06371
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